Buy Teemo Hat – Why You Need To Get One Right Now!

Teemo Hat is OP

Teemo Hat and Jessica Nigri

If Jessica Nigri is wearing one, you know it is in style. Here is a closer look at the Teemo Hat:

If you are a true Teemo fan, this is a must buy item. You can wear this while you play Teemo in League of Legends and own LIKE A BAWS! The hat consists of:

  1. The Ears – The ears is what makes the hat distinct to Teemo the Yordie.
  2. The Goggles – The signature item used for scouting. “I will scout ahead! Up, two, three four!” 
  3. Green Plush Hat – This is Teemo’s style yo! Can’t be complete without being able to hide in the brushes and plant them mushrooms right?

Join the thousands of happy fans around the world that already own the hat. Pictures are taken from tumblr.

Teemo Hat Clan

Teemo Hat Fan 4

Teemo Hat Fan 5

Teemo Hat Fan 9

Teemo Hat Fan 3

Teemo Hat Fan 10

Teemo Hat Fan 13

Teemo Hat Fan 14

Teemo Hat Fan 12

Teemo Hat Fan 11

Teemo Hat Fan 19

Teemo Hat Fan 20