Astro Teemo Game

Play as Astro Teemo!


In this game, you play as Astronaut Teemo! The official game is here.

Astro Teemo Game Guide

Lets go through the basic controls of the game.

Up Arrow/Space Bar – Allows Teemo to fly upwards. If you hold it too long, Teemo flys straight to the top. It is very sensitive, so you will want to control how long you hold the up arrow/spacebar.

M – Toggles the Captain Teemo Song

S – Toggles the sound effects


Try to travel as much distance as you can and collect coints without getting hit by flaming obstacles, Ashe’s Ice Arrow and Lux’s Laser. They are all out to kill Astro Teemo. ¬†Once you complete a certain distance after dying, you will be awarded points and gold to upgrade Teemo or buy special skills.

Here are some power-ups you can buy:

Ghost(500g) – Allows Teemo to travel 750m.

Super Ghost(1500g) – Allows Teemo to travel 1500m.

Revive(2000g) – Revive Teemo!

Rolling Barrel(500g) – Use this to launch dead Teemo a short distance.

Hexplosive(1000g) – Launch dead Teemo, but much more than Rolling Barrel.

Mega Inferno Bomb(1500g) – Launch dead Teemo. The distance traveled is much more than Hexplosive.

Here are some upgrades you can buy:

Coin Magnet(20,000g) – Attracts coins to Teemo cause he is a sexy beast.

Moonbounce(5000g) – Teemo bounces off the floor for some extra distance.

Soul Shield(30,000g) – Teemo can take 1 more hit before dying.